Courage – A New Frontier with Life

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Courage What is courage? I think it is being afraid and doing it anyway. I have money coaching clients who bump up against a lot of fear, and even paralysis. It takes courage to look at what you are creating financially and face the emotions that are limiting you. One of my clients inspires me every day. She is willing to look at her deepest, darkest places and do the work to heal them. She is relentlessly honest with herself. She loves fiercely. She has untapped talents. I have given her space here for her words and insight. Please comment profusely and uplift with exuberance! A New Frontier for Me Hello there! If you have stumbled onto this blog entry, you are witnessing my maiden voyage of discovery outside of my current life. I must confess, I feel a little like I am on an early episode of the original …

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What I Learned in Clown School

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I have been starting to blog more regularly and it feels good. My vision is pulling me. The desire to transform the consciousness of money into a conduit of love and connection holds sweetly to my heart and draws me forward. I think this purpose, mission and life energy chose me. I wake up in the morning, and I feel alive and ready to move this forward. Except for the last couple of weeks. It has become clear to me that being still and not doing, doing, doing is what is required for the next phase of my business. Sitting by the water hearing the lapping of the ocean; feeling my skin heat up from the sun; kissing a lover’s neck; and laughing until I cry with friends… This is what is attracting me now. Something is unfolding that I can’t quite see—and it feels good! About eight years ago …

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What Motivates Our Greed?

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When you think of greed and lust for money, who comes to mind? An unfeeling tycoon, a poor person who can’t get ahead, a politician taking advantage of their position—or someone a bit closer to home? Sometimes feelings of lack or greed can be hard to acknowledge within ourselves. We may discover that we have an unconscious greed that we have been ignoring… Or perhaps not. Either way, it is interesting to explore how greed is created and how it can impact our inner world and our outer economy. For instance, money can be the energy that you grasp and are desperate to hold onto. So desperate it can make you do things that you are not proud of. I wonder… Did you ever steal when you were a kid? I stole money from my mother’s wallet when I was young. I also stole from the pharmacy: make-up and little …