We Are In This Together

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I just watched Super Soul Sunday featuring Howard Schultz, former Starbucks CEO. Like him, I want to be a great leader. I don’t want to sacrifice my values for profit. I want to be authentic and transparent. I want to lead with power and purpose. I want to change the world. When I hear about people who are focused primarily on sustainability and progress, integrity, and making sure everyone receives the support they need, I get super excited! It’s a welcome shift from our cultural fixation on money and profit. My world is not about one who rules them all. It’s about waking up to the awareness that we are all in this together. As Jean Houston said: “The times of great change and remarkable opportunity are upon us. To succeed we can no longer go it alone, but must partner with one another to share innovative and creative ways …

[Interview] Step Into the Jungle

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Have you ever had the experience of talking about something with a friend and discovering a whole new angle on your work? Co-creation is one of the most powerful things there is. Magic happens when two or more are gathered. It’s amazing what shows up when you just let it flow! Here is a bit of co-creation. Have a listen as Dr. Jason Klop interviews me on his show.