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What Motivates Our Greed?

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When you think of greed and lust for money, who comes to mind? An unfeeling tycoon, a poor person who can’t get ahead, a politician taking advantage of their position—or someone a bit closer to home? Sometimes feelings of lack or greed can be hard to acknowledge within ourselves. We may discover that we have an unconscious greed that we have been ignoring… Or perhaps not. Either way, it is interesting to explore how greed is created and how it can impact our inner world and our outer economy. For instance, money can be the energy that you grasp and are desperate to hold onto. So desperate it can make you do things that you are not proud of. I wonder… Did you ever steal when you were a kid? I stole money from my mother’s wallet when I was young. I also stole from the pharmacy: make-up and little …

Self-Worth and Net Worth: A Toxic Marriage?

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Self-worth and net worth have become almost synonymous in our society. How much money you have somehow implies how valuable you are as a person. If you are wealthy, you get more respect than if you are poor: your opinion matters more, your life is more highly valued, the media glorifies you. As a culture, we are captivated by the rich and famous. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be rich or poor, but somewhere in between, there will always be people who are both better off and worse off than you are. And if you believe that how much money and “stuff” you have accumulated is proof of your value, it’s hard to measure up. Living in a society that encourages constant comparison with others can lead to unhappiness and lack of fulfillment. But the good news is that we are so much greater than the numbers in …