Money Coaching

  • Brenda’s Approach to Money Coaching

Brenda is a Certified Money Coach through the Money Coaching Institute of California. Brenda’s goal is to bring money into the conversation and use it as a tool for each of us to step into more of our own unique selves: empowered, confident and happy. She offers one-on-one coaching as well as online and in-person programs.

Since 2011, Brenda has developed and studied numerous platforms for expanding one’s relationship with money. She is the creator and facilitator of  Get Intimate with Your Digits, a three-day live event that supports people to have a greater intimacy with the money in their lives and to develop practical money management skills.

Brenda has also developed a 12-month program called Transform Your Financial DNA. This is a deep rewiring of how we relate with money in the world and how each of us can make a greater impact within our family, our community and globally. Through neuroscience, behavioral science, dynamic energy work and innovative money infrastructures, Brenda unravels the financial emotional inheritances that can limit us. She then infuses these limitations with awareness, insight and strategies for change. Brenda has the ability to create comprehensive and flexible systems that clear away the money fog and create an intimate relationship with the currency in your life.

People who have benefited most from Brenda’s coaching include:

  • Individuals who are committed to their own personal development and are wanting to make a difference in the world.
  • Leaders who desire a more meaningful life and a deeper connection to their work and money.

Examples of breakthroughs that clients have experienced include:

  • Those who have felt shame and guilt around money (whether they have it, want more or don’t have enough) shifted to feeling empowered and motivated to design a life that expresses their deepest values and desires.
  • Clients who felt powerless, overwhelmed and unsupported in their lives have been able to employ their money to grow and support them. They are better able to make financial choices that bring them happiness and peace.
  • Some people have even experienced radical shifts from avoidance, stress and anxiety around money to ease, joy and a confidence with how to invite money to work for and with them.
One-on-One Coaching With Brenda:

  • Healing the Money Shadow

This is an exploration of the emotional, psychological and energetic terrain around money. Brenda will create a safe and nurturing space to tell your money story. You will explore your Money Biography, learn about the Money Archetypes, discover your personal Enneagram Typology and begin to uncover unconscious patterns and behaviours that may be getting in the way of having joy and ease with money.

Creating awareness around how your money behaviours developed will allow you to open the door for peace and forgiveness. Healing the Money Shadow and re-patterning your old habitual behaviours with money can lay the groundwork for a healthy and joy-filled relationship with money that will influence your whole life.

  • Clearing Away the Money Fog

This is about creating a strong but flexible infrastructure around your saving, spending and debt management. (Please note that no financial investment advice will be given.)

You will explore your finances in depth and clear away the money fog. Brenda will develop a system that honours your life choices, dreams and desires. It includes a nurturing exploration of your present financial situation. This can be challenging and difficult for some people.

Together with Brenda, you will create clarity with your numbers and implement strategies to reach your goals. She will develop an easy-to-follow plan specifically designed for you. During the 4-6 months you work with her, Brenda becomes your money accountability coach. She will fine-tune the plan so that your unique personality and lifestyle choices are honoured. You will be able to generate confidence, savvy and presence with your finances. You will become more deliberate, clear and  intelligent with the choices you make with the currency in your life.


  • 12 Bi-weekly coaching sessions (each session is 45-120 minutes)
  • Homework and practices to implement between sessions
  • 2 Emergency calls to integrate shifts that may be overwhelming
  • Personal Financial Profile and a Saving and Spending Plan
  • Business Cash Flow projection (if applicable)
  • Active Money Ally
  • 3 Emergency calls to discuss timely financial decisions
  • 6 Month program

Mastering the emotional and the practical elements of money is one of the most powerful ways to create a healthy relationship with money.

Every client has a different need and style of money mastery. Some people may need to immerse themselves in Healing the Money Shadow before looking at their finances. Some people may want to get into the nitty gritty of numbers first and then explore the emotional landscape. Some may want to work with both the emotional landscape and the financial landscape at the same time.

Brenda will do a full assessment with each new client to see what strategy would work best for their personality and situation.

Money can be a powerful ally. Aligning yourself with the energy of ease, joy and possibility with money will allow you to move into your life with more confidence and presence.

To book a free consultation session with Brenda, email at Please indicate whether you would prefer her to follow up by phone or email.