Michele Head ShotI am so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in Brenda’s money coaching program.  Brenda is a fantastic coach who helped me gently peel back the layers to uncover limiting beliefs lurking in my psyche about myself and money.  As a result of our coaching, now, when faced with a tough decision, I can see the pattern I have followed in the past and I’m able to stop myself from making impulsive decisions.  Working with Brenda was very enlightening and FUN!!  Thanks Brenda!

Michele Webb, Vancouver BC

Betty GLen As often happens when I’ve worked with Brenda in the past, our work together exceeded my expectations.  I became excited about managing my money, gaining clarity; I wanted to participate (bye bye unconsciousness), and it was easy (who knew??!). Brenda had great practical tips, steered me in a much better direction, and helped me to set up an easy way to manage my money.  As grateful as I am for all that, for me, the BEST part of this process wasn’t around money.  Brenda is masterful in her ability to see beneath the surface, and shine the light there for you/me to see it too.  We shifted patterns in my body/life that had been there since childhood.  The tension state that was my ‘normal’ is shifting into more and more ease; my body and mind feel more open, softer; and a new avenue for $$ has opened up.  Brenda’s capacity to be fully present and pierce duality shines forth.  She can be strong and sharp if necessary, and compassionate and kind if that is what is required.  She pushed open stuck places and held my hand & heart through a “crisis” that showed itself during our work together.  The result was greater than I could have imagined. Many thanks, & many blessings!

Betty Mae Glen, Registered Massage Therapist, London ON

FlavieI used to believe that not being in debt meant I had no problem with money. Yet I wasn’t really making any and I found myself working for free or trading skills. I was fine with it. I took a test on the different money archetypes and I realized that I was denying money in my life, which was in complete contradiction with me starting my business!

I thought a money coach was an accountant with a heart. Meeting with Brenda made me realize how wrong I was!

Working with Brenda changed my perspective on money, making me aware of it and its value. I had no idea working on money meant working on myself. I was such in denial, I went emotional a lot. What I like with Brenda is that, in her comfortable, trustworthy and nurturing environment, she digs into the origins for a deeper awareness so you can purposefully and consciously step up. It was more of a collaboration than a coach/client relation, which suited me perfectly! The big plus for me was the energy healing at the end of our sessions. It helped a lot implementing all that new understandings of the world into my cells. It made going back to the outside world gentle and secure.

Since our first session, I have gained a lot in confidence, learnt to forgive and let go of a lot of clichés. I’m not afraid anymore to give my prices to my clients. I’m going to conferences and network my style. I have no problem making decisions or saying no anymore. I value myself. I feel.

Being in peace with money is so relaxing! I would recommend that feeling to everyone. It’s a lot of work though. You need to let go any resistance so Brenda can work her magic on your beautiful self.

Flavie Dufrenne, Vancouver BC