Video Transcript of Brenda St Louis’ full bio via VideoScribe:

Hi, I’m Brenda St Louis and a Certified Money Coach.

Who is Brenda and what is money coaching? Let me tell you.

I am a collection of all kinds of adventures and explorations. Before becoming a money coach I have been a voice actor in Asia doing animation dubbing and other recordings, a registered massage therapist, crani0-sacral therapist.

I work a lot and still work a lot with bodies. I have been a motivational speaker and facilitator, a life coach and a published author. But truly I am a seeker and an explorer. I love to dream big and create change.

My greatest vision is to leave a legacy on this planet that creates more connection and interdependence with each other.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients. Over the years it has become so clear that money is underexplored. Many people don’t know how to relate with money in a healthy and powerful way. I believe that how we relate with money affects how we relate to each other.

Becoming a money coach has allowed me, together with my clients, to transform the energy around money.

Guess what happens when you have a better relationship with money? You become more loving, more peaceful, more generous and happier people.

I have a lofty goal: What if we could not only transform our relationship with money but actually shift the consciousness around money? I want to shift the consciousness of money into a conduit for love, catalyst for connection, and the impetus for nurturing the planet, our bodies and the people around us. I know it’s a big dream but I really believe I can do it … we can do it.

But first, we have to explore our personal terrain. That’s where I come in as a money coach.

Let’s talk about money.

Money touches everyone on this planet, unless you are a ghost or you live off the grid in a mountain somewhere. Money connects everyone.

Money has weaved its way through every area of my life. We have been on the adventure of a lifetime. Money and I have had a passive-aggressive relationship, lots of arguments, outright war at times, love affairs, long walks together. We have birthed babies ( projects, books, programs). We have collaborated and have had great successes. We have taken big risks with huge losses.

My relationship with money is something I have worked on a lot. Over the years I have developed a powerful intimacy with it. It’s not perfect and it is always changing, Every day is a dance. Kind of like any other relationship. For me, it’s a practice in being poised, present and patient. I would have to say patience is one of my hugest lessons. Especially with money.

What gets me really excited and fired up is inviting people to see the potency and contribution money can be to their lives. And I’m not talking about your ability to buy the next car or boat. It is more about how money can be a way to wake people up, bust paradigms and create lasting change for others.

Many of my clients experience, fear, anxiety and shame around money. I have clients that make millions of dollars and they have the same issues as clients that make $50k. A CEO of a company may be worried that someone is ripping them off, on guard and defended.  The entrepreneur that believes she is not worthy unless she makes a certain amount of money. When your self-worth is related to your net worth. The stock broker that feels really uncomfortable with having a surplus of money so she spends it as fast as she makes it. Just because you are a financial advisor or a stock broker, doesn’t mean you have a good relationship with money. What about the millionaire that bought powdered milk and never used the dryer to save money? There are so many different ways we can show up with money.

Money is the last taboo. People will talk about their sex lives easier than they will talk about money. The secrecy and embarrassment around money can feel like someone hiding their kinky sex life.

Are you ready to come out of the closet with money? What if money were your lover? How would you treat it? Would you nurture it? Would you support it to be fruitful and multiply? Is money a one-night stand? Do you keep money tied up to your bed and never let it out? Are you a jealous lover?

Having a healthy and satisfying relationship with money can unlock your values, reveal to you your purpose and unleash your passion, giving you that drive to go for it.

Healing the spaces that are holding you back from having joy, generosity, peace and presence with money is the biggest gift you can give yourself.

Yes, it is important to understand how money works. Yes, you need to understand cash flow, saving and spending. Investing and all the ways that we grow our net-worth. But the most lasting joy you can have is a healthy relationship with money. The exploration of cash flow and saving is 100 times more effective once you become more present with your emotional landscape with money.

How do you do that? Do you have a healthy relationship with money? What the heck is a healthy relationship with money? Have you ever seen someone that had one? What did it look like? That is different for everyone.

Money coaching with me will begin with an excavation of your unconscious defaults and then we start to lay down a powerful framework that will support you and create a communion with the money in your life.

It’s never just about money. Money connects us to our past, our present and our future. Our story is a part of this exploration. Money coaching will perhaps create shifts in you that you have never anticipated. At the very least you will bring money and your relationship to it out in the open, allowing you to come out of the closet. The start of this journey is not about the dollars and cents. It is about your personal mythology with money and how we together heal the unconscious patterns and create new pathways towards becoming totally present and poised for a healthier experience. This is a lifelong journey but it has to start somewhere.

Invite me to be your money coach. Think of me as your money ally. Take that courageous step into becoming your own Money Magician: Totally present and financially savvy. I look forward to meeting you.