Courage – A New Frontier with Life

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What is courage? I think it is being afraid and doing it anyway. I have money coaching clients who bump up against a lot of fear, and even paralysis. It takes courage to look at what you are creating financially and face the emotions that are limiting you. One of my clients inspires me every day. She is willing to look at her deepest, darkest places and do the work to heal them. She is relentlessly honest with herself. She loves fiercely. She has untapped talents. I have given her space here for her words and insight. Please comment profusely and uplift with exuberance!

A New Frontier for Me

Hello there! If you have stumbled onto this blog entry, you are witnessing my maiden voyage of discovery outside of my current life. I must confess, I feel a little like I am on an early episode of the original Star Trek. This entry is like an episode where they have landed on an unfamiliar planet and are clumsily stumbling around, trying to figure out where they are and what new experiences will they have and yes, perhaps, what alien forms will they discover. I have purposely not worn a red shirt for this entry, just in case that is significant.

I am a wife and Mom of three boys, a bearded dragon and a puppy. Speaking of unpredictable alien life forms, this is another galaxy of surprises that I have experienced as a mother … including noxious gasses, strange sounds, random acts—sometimes of kindness and sometimes so odd that even they explain their actions with a blank stare and the standard kid’s statement, “I don’t know.”

As you may have guessed by this description of my children, I lack the usual maternal instinct for knowing what my children need or why they do the things they do. So I just make blind attempts to solve the mystery of what it is they want or need. Occasionally I get it right, and other times I get it wrong. Those moments are met with eye rolling, a sound of exasperation, or an unnatural, painful sound, which I believe they call whining. I have been home with them since each was born, which means 17 years have gone by since I have worked in “the real world.”

This blog entry is an attempt to figure out what my next journey will be. I have finally remembered what my original first name was before I had children and it became MOM (please pronounce this word either urgently over and over and over again, or whine it loudly while throwing your head backwards and flailing your arms back and forth wildly).

Now that they are older and I am no longer changing diapers or constantly watching them so they don’t beat each other with whatever inanimate objects they can find, I am looking in new directions that I am interested in. I am hoping by going on this voyage of discovery and exploring what I am curious about, and learning about new and wonderful subjects that until now I have not had time to learn about, I will find my new adventure, my new happy place or my new purpose. This includes my money journey which has its own alien life forms, dark corners and moments of “What the hell was that all about?!”

Thank you for witnessing my new beginning and good luck to all you explorers out there discovering your new frontiers! Just remember to stay away from the red shirt just in case Captain Kirk and Spock knew something we don’t know.*

* The nameless workers who got killed on the original Star Trek always wore red shirts. Officers, like Kirk and Spock, wore yellow and made it out alive.

Pamela Cone 

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