Simple Math: Scared to Ask a Question?

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I am in a one-year Art of Money course run by Bari Tessler. Money is in my life every day. I think about it, I talk to it, I wonder what else there is to be learned from money. My clients are scared of it, confused, overwhelmed, and sometimes just annoyed by the whole money thing. Have you ever just wanted to have a lot of money so you didn’t have to think about it anymore? Truth be told, the more money you have the more you have to pay attention to it. So why not just pay attention now? I am making a confession here. I love to talk about money, I love to explore how we relate with it. I love to see how people step into their power with money. But guess what? I am a total neophyte when it comes to math. Yesterday morning I was sitting …

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Money is Not the Leader, but the Loyal Servant

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Money money money… What is it? It’s a tool. Money is energy, a pain in the ass, the root of all greed and oppression. Money taints things. Money is freedom. Money is joy. I have been exploring what money means to me for years and I still haven’t figured it out. Money is elusive to me. It can be incredibly magical, allowing me to travel the world and see gorgeous cities and eat the most unusual food. Then in an instant, it becomes a heavy obligation as I open my credit card bill or feel judged because I have no savings. Just like any relationship, it can feel supportive at times and then moments later it feels suffocating and anxiety ridden.  What if we could be the leader in our relationship with money? What if we could decide how we would like to relate with it? After I meditate in the …