• Brenda St Louis, Certified Money Coach & Financial Intuitive

Brenda St Louis is a Certified Money Coach and Financial Intuitive, an international speaker, writer, actor and therapist.  She began working with clients in 1996 as a massage therapist. In 2003 she started to travel the world, crafting her skill as a speaker and an actor. She continues to work with the body, discovering how brilliantly we twist and turn our bodies into and out of ease. Brenda is a Cranial Sacral and EFT therapist and skilled in numerous modalities that focus on the somatic (body) and emotional relationships to the physical world.

Working in over five countries, facilitating transformation from the stage and one-on-one, Brenda continues to find ways to be more, have more and love more.

Her soul desire is to explore the energies around money with the intention to empower us to transform this relationship with money so that we can have the ease and freedom to contribute to the planet in a positive way.

As an intuitive, Brenda has the unique ability to see how we block ourselves and it is her greatest pleasure to shine a light on the path of least resistance. She is a clown and a storyteller. Laughter and play are her medicine.

As a graduate of the Money Coaching Institute in California, Brenda is part of a growing community of  Certified Money Coaches in Canada.


  • is a contributing author to the best-selling book, The Thought That Changed My Life Forever.
  • is an international speaker with a focus on living a more conscious life.
  • is a Registered Massage Therapist who is skilled at helping clients release money/body energetic blocks.
  • is presently working towards her Certified Financial Planning certificate.

Connection and presence light up Brenda up most of all. As an avid connector, a curious student, a passionate dreamer and a relentless creator, she has chosen money, and the consciousness around it, as her vehicle to create powerful connections.

  • “Money connects everyone on this planet. How we relate to it also affects how we relate to each other. I believe that if we begin to look at those spaces that hold us back with money, and finally unleash our hidden potential, we can facilitate a space of interconnection with each other and the planet.”

    – Brenda St Louis


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